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As a club we hold Combined General Liabilty insurance.

At a recent meeting it was requested that details that may effect members be published.

The following is the exact wording of the policy in respect of members fishing anywhere worldwide.

Members Personal Liability

Cover for liabilty incurred by members arising out of bodily injury or damage to property whilst they are fishing in an area anywhere in the world used for fishing or fishing related activities (clause 9.1)

Cover includes:

a) all costs and expenses incurred with the written permission of the insurer.

b) the payment of solicitors fees incurred with the insurers written consent for representation at any coroners inquest, Fatal accident enquiry or court of summary jurisdiction.

Exclusions include any liability arising out of pollution unless caused by a sudden , unintended and unexpected happening where a sub-limit shown in the schedule shall apply, the pursuit of fishing in a professional capacity, any member under sixteen unless accompanied by an adult aged over 21 and any criminal or violent act (clause 9.3)

Clause 9.1 states

The insurer will cover the member for all sums which the member shall become legally liable to pay in respect of:

a) accidental bodily injury to any person.

b) accidental loss of or accidental damage to property not belonging to nor in the members care

whilst the member is fishing within an area of land or inland waterway anywhere in the world used for fishing or fishing related activities and such accidental bodily injury or accidental loss of or accidental damage to property occurs during the period of insurance.

Clause 9.3 States:

This section will not cover members for:

1) any liabilty directly or indirectly due to the members ownership or occupation of any land or building or pursuit or exercise of any empoyment, business or profession.

2) any liabilty in respect of pollution unless caused by a sudden identifiable unintended and unexpected incident whish takes place in its entirety at a specific time and place during the period of insurance. all polution which arises out of one incident shall be deemed to have occured at the time such incident takes place.

any liabilty in the USA or Canada for:

personal injury or bodily injury or loss of, damage to or loss of property directly or indirectly caused by pollution or the cost of removing, nullifying or cleaning up pollution.

The liabilty of the insurer for all compensation payable in respect of pollution which is deemed to have occured during the period of insurance shall not exceed the amount as specified in the schedule.

Note please that the above are directly taken from the insurance documents, and have been reproduced for guidance only, the club or any of it's officials accepts no responsiblity whatsoever that these are correct and/or legally enforcable.